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BBC Top Gear – Middle East Special 2010 was recorded using RUS AVIATION aircraft which was provided to BBC Television (UK) on goodwill to feature their program.The recording was a success and was highly commented…

EADS EFW began to convert an Airbus A300-600 (MSN 643) from passenger to freighter configuration. This marks the second wide-body conversion performed for Sharjah based Rus Aviation following the already running conversion of MSN 626,…

RUS Aviation is pleased to announce the opening of our operation to EBL and ISU destination with consol flightsSchedule :SHJ TO EBL / ISU : twice a week / every WED and SUN.For more Enquiries…

14 September 2010 – To support its further business growth, Rus Aviation placed an order with EADS EFW for the passenger-to-freighter conversion of an Airbus A300-600 (MSN 626). The respective contract includes another conversion and…

Sharjah aviation company sends aid to flood-affected Pakistan Operating from its hub at Sharjah International Airport, RUS Aviation sent one aircraft to Karachi and has pledged to send more to some of the worst-hit areas.Sharjah:…

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