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Cargo Consolidation

Rus Aviation provides a wide range of specialized services in connection with airfreight products. The company’s value-added services are carefully designed to meet customer’s diverse requests.

Cargo acceptance, handling & warehousing

Rus Aviation runs a 2,000 m2 fully equipped and highly secured warehouse at Sharjah International Airport Cargo Terminal 3 with direct access to the ramp.
It is managed by an expert ground operation team that works round the clock to ensure smooth acceptance and handling of all types of goods, including High Valuable Cargo, Dangerous Goods, Temperature Controlled and Perishable cargo.
Our Warehousing services include – Cargo loading and unloading – Cargo labeling and packing – Short and long term storage.

  • Cargo loading and unloading
  • Cargo labeling and packing
  • Short and long term storage
Customs Clearance

When it comes to customs clearance, RUS Aviation’s team of experts handles all kinds of paperwork and documentation for all types of cargo to save our customer’s time and efforts.

The company possesses vast knowledge in local specifications, conditions and regulations, fostered by many years of experience, and hence, provides top-notch solutions through integrated services that match clients’ needs.

Pick-up & delivery Options

RUS Aviation provides door pick-up and delivery to the airport of origin and trucking of cargo to the consignee at destination either through our own office or through our agents at global destinations.

  • Door to airport (pickup cargo from shipper, trucking, clearance and documentation)
  • Airport to door (airfreight, clearance and delivery to consignee)
  • Door to door
On-line booking

RUS Aviation’s customers have around the clock access to an online booking system, enabling them to be updated on the status of their shipments at any time of the day, providing a transparent transportation chain.