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Air Freight

RUS Aviation specializes in providing customized cargo solutions to different types of clients from international freight forwarders, to shippers, logistic providers, governments and humanitarian relief organizations. In short, it has answers to all challenges.

Starting from the year 2005 RUS Aviation, through its subsidiary, began operating scheduled cargo flights to CIS countries. From 2008, it expanded its operation further into Africa, and from the year 2009, it branched out to various destinations in the Middle East, Asia, and China.

RUS Aviation has signed a number of interline agreements with prestigious international airlines and leading air cargo operators allowing it to offer a wider range of global services.

From Europe to China, CIS countries, India and USA, it has developed an enviable network of agents and offices worldwide.

Today, RUS Aviation offers complete intermodal transport solutions for smaller, mid-sized, and larger cargo volumes, and ensures vital link to all its clients.