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Chairman Saleh Al Aroud spells out the secret of RUS Aviation’s success

“Customers come first” is the thumb rule me and my well experienced team believe in and follow on daily basis.
At RUS Aviation, we never hesitate to go to any length to deliver our promises to our customers, whom we pride ourselves for winning their complete trust. The world of Air Cargo, where time and delivery are all-important, is a high-pressure industry. You have to always be available for customers, no matter of the size of cargo, or the destination required.

We cater to complex customer requirements through cutting edge logistics technology, expertise, and superior customer service. With internal processes designed for extreme agility and responsiveness, we offer clients end-to-end customised airfreight logistics solutions.

Our mission is to craft expert logistics solutions customised to client needs, backed by superb customer service, in order to be considered the de facto regional leader in airfreight.

We have successfully balanced top-quality services with unmatched prompt delivery and therefore we are regarded as a reliable and cost-effective air cargo solution provider within the Middle East. Today, and due to the large experience we have gained over the years within the industry, our clients and partners have come to rely on our tailor-made and effective solutions.

We consider our team of professionals as the true asset of RUS Aviation. People have grown with us over the past decade and they have lived our values that we strive to translate into facts.

RUS Aviation is a trusted air cargo service provider in the Middle East recognized for its high quality and efficient solutions, along with its large experience in the cargo movement industry.

Established in 1999 in Sharjah, UAE, the company operates cargo services within the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, China and CIS countries.

Over that last decade, RUS Aviation has moved huge volume of cargo and provided cost-effective solutions to a large number of customers, by leveraging its access to different types of freighters.

Since its early days, the company has always seized growth opportunities, and expanded the scope of its activities. In 2007 it started providing services as an airfreight consolidator and in 2009 it commenced scheduled cargo flights.

The scheduled operations of RUS Aviation are supported by long-term contracts with airports, fueling and ground handling companies. As it operates independently, the company has the flexibility to build mutually productive relationships with all sectors of the cargo industry from airlines, airports, handling companies to freight forwarders.

Since it believes in growing together with its valuable partners, its main goal was always to add value to the services provided.

Following its endeavor to become a comprehensive cargo solution provider, RUS Aviation now successfully offers numerous aviation services from air cargo charter to scheduled cargo flights to cargo acceptance and custom clearance.

After consolidating its place as a reliable air cargo operator and complete service provider, RUS Aviation is gearing up to move to further strengthen its position. For RUS Aviation, growth is always the aim.

Our Vision

With long experience and professional service, RUS Aviation has established itself as a reliable air cargo operator and complete service provider. Now RUS Aviation is setting up industry standards with its custom-made solutions.

Our Mission

In line with the company’s stated vision to make its mark in air cargo solutions, RUS Aviation is focusing on future opportunities. Simultaneously, it is leaving no stone unturned to further improve services and strive for excellence by constantly maintaining on-time performance, providing quality services and upgrading its team’s skill sets.

Above all, RUS Aviation works tirelessly to develop a close partnership with its customers by focusing on the clients’ needs and becoming partners in progress.

Our Brand Values

Punctuality, flexibility and transparency are the pillars on which RUS Aviation has built its trustworthiness. Adopting an innovative approach and throwing up custom-made solutions, are the brand values on which the company revolve

As the cornerstone of RUS Aviation’s philosophy, our values are also the core strengths on which the company has grown in this highly demanding and rapid air cargo industry.

Our Team

RUS Aviation’s highly experienced team of professionals and the network of global partners has paved the way for its success by guaranteeing round-the-clock top-notch services. RUS Aviation has a team of trusted experts who have in-depth knowledge of various aircrafts, and provide comprehensive and customized airfreight services.

It is because of the wealth of knowledge and expertise of its staff, associates and partners, RUS Aviation is able to offer ready solutions at a very short notice.