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The Patrol was apparently fully stock except for the special towing hitch and the sandbags of weight in the boot. The plane was also loaded up with sandbags to set a new record of 170…

RUS Aviation Wishing a very Happy EID to everyone… Source: RUS Aviation H/O

Dubai, 28 July 2013: Al Aroud Group has dedicated AED 1 million as a donation to the humanitarian campaign Dress 1 million needy children, launched in the holy month of Ramadan by HH Sheikh Mohammed…

This AirCargoPedia website is intended to create, develop and refine the business intelligence that will be needed to support the science of independent air cargo operations. Every component of this business will be identified and…

The CNS Partnership Conference continues to be a premier cargo event whose aim is to keep its members up-to-date and connected with the latest developments in the Air Cargo Industry through a conference type set-up…

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